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We are a wiki dedicated to you unleashing your creativity and sparking light in your hobbies! We are a friendly community that is full of amazing authors. Our Staff are very nice, calm and sometimes they even make some stories. We hope you enjoy your stay at the roleplay and story wiki!! 


Roleplaying is when you...


Act as someone for a game (like at halloween, you're roleplaying as the character you dressed up as)


To participate in a roleplaying game (like roblox)

Roleplaying is part of the name, after all, so we encourage you to do it!

Fan Fictions

What we aim for the fan fictions are short stories, books, and bios about the characters. You can write "reviews" on the books. You can write a part of the book with a different perspective. Or you can write about your new character, whether it is a biography of your character or it is a background story about it, or anything else. Please go ahead, we allow you! Just don't write about other people's characters without permission.


Stories, stories, stories. It is what everyone loves! In this wiki, stories can be written long or short. An example of a short story would be The Man, and an example of a long story would be Swiftclan and Ferralclan (Warrior Cats Story). You are free to do whatever you want when writing stories as long as it is not nsfw, racist, or overall discriminating.

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